ScoreBase support Start-ups and small companies

I have more than 15 years with my own Start-ups in the Science Park Ideon in Lund.

As an entrepreneur to start and run my own companies has given me extensive experience in business creation. Besides having a requested product or service, it is very much about shaping a good business model and to get the team to work in a targeted and reasoned way.

As in all companies time is critical and often development is left out. Therefore my Executive Coaching offers a method which gives:

a) Create time for you
b) Time for development work
c) Time for yourself to keep up with knowledge necessery for you to be up to date.

Star-ups that succeed focus on the customer by creating a clear feedback from customers into the business. The goal is to have a business model giving direct customer influence in the company so revenues and earnings are secured.

My result-driven coaching for start-ups involves using a mix of activities for a focused business development.

It is a mixture of business controlling and management support together with a mentor support.

ScoreBase offers consulting support for creating a demand-driven operations.