The Business Partner Concept

ScoreBase offers new possibilities for small and medium sized companies to increase their competiveness with a method were customers gets a larger inflence on a company´s activities leading to increased customers value. The result is stronger competiveness and higher profit.

Successful large companies do it already.

Logistics Supply Chain Management will now be merged with what is known as Demand Chain Management (DCM). This allows the customer value and customer benefit integrated into the workflow and the customer will be concrete in the center of activity.

Now also for small and medium-sized businesses.

Logistics handles complex physical flows. By representing flows with a standard approach in economic terms, simply a Profit Chain, we create opportunities to highlight the customer values the (high customer profits reflect high customer value) so that customer preferences can be more concreat guiding for a company.

ScoreBase® Profit analyses follow the workflow.

Profit analysis of workflows are not vertically in the traditional organization but follows the work processes horizontally. The organization must be aligned for it to get full competitive effects when it comes to creating the right offers to the customer.

Customer Analysis provides customers with influence.

By mirroring customer value in customer profitability from order in to order out, customers can receive power through the entire process. High customer profitability shows that customers are paying good prices. It shows, in turn, which deals where a company is highly competitive and delivering customer value and customer benefit.

ScoreBase offers consulting support for putting the customer first and creating a demand-driven operations with integrated customer preferences.

We also license out profitFinder® to support the demand-driven work processes.

For a quick and easy start up we help with coaching and support. As Business Partners we also support with it comes to bring in external capital.